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Bobby Joe Monhollen

B&K OneStop Home and Property Inspections is balanced on the strong pillars of reliability, clear communication, integrity, and quality work. We aim to help our clients make an informed buying decision, and we strongly believe that it can be achieved by giving our absolute best in all of our projects. We are experts in our trade with years of experience as licensed inspectors, possessing holistic knowledge of the real estate and construction industry.

We encourage our clients to attend their property inspection so that they can see issues first-hand and arrive at a conclusion faster. Besides, we also provide an inspection report that will highlight all those issues in a detailed manner, along with cost implications that should assist you in obtaining repair costs.

When it comes to buying a real estate property, knowing every nitty-gritty detail about the foundation, roof, walls and internal systems is crucial. We will always keep you educated on your particular task or project so that there are no surprises left for later.

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