Commercial Property Inspections Corbin KY

Commercial property is built differently to a home, but they are similar in the context that both can have several hidden defects. Whether you are buying a retail store, a corporate office or a waterfront restaurant, it’s a huge investment that shouldn’t be made on a whim and without expert intervention.

B&K OneStop Home and Property Inspections can inspect commercial properties of all shapes and sizes. Starting from the roof to all the way down to the foundation and other structures and systems in between, our property inspections are comprehensive, honest and to the point.

Any defect that we might find will be documented in a report, along with high-resolution photographs to help you understand the issue better. We can also help you get grips with the cost implications in case you are considering getting the issues fixed before moving in. If it’s a major issue, you can demand a price concession or ask the seller to fix it.

When buying a commercial property, make sure it’s free from any major defects before you start your operations. With the safety of your employees and patrons on the line, no issue should be taken lightly.

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